Frequently Asked Questions
Live Caricature Entertainment
How many people can you draw?
I can draw approximately 20 faces per hour in black and white. 
Color drawings take a little longer.  Digital color caricatures are about 12 faces per hour, and 10 faces per hour for traditional color caricatures.

Can multiple people be on one page?
Absolutely! I can fit up to 6 faces on one page for traditional drawings.
It's best to have 1 person for digital drawings due to the size, but I can fit up to 4 faces in one drawing.
How large is the paper?
Traditional style caricatures are approximately 12x16 inches.
Digital style caricatures are printed out on 4x6 inch paper.
What's the difference between Traditional and Digital style?
Traditional style caricatures are drawn directly on paper with markers.
Digital style caricatures are drawn with a state of the art graphics tablet and are printed on site, and available for download after the event as well.
What is Virtual Caricature?
A virtual caricature booking is performed over a video call (like Zoom, or Google Hangouts).  This is ideal for booking when I'm not able to make it to your event's location, and would feel similar to having a photo-booth at your event.  This is also the performance format I specialize in, and as such, you'll get the best quality art I can provide, the fastest I'm able to draw (so I can draw more of your guests), and it's the most cost effective option.
Studio Orders
How long does it take?
It takes 5-7 days on average from the day you place your order.  I'll let you know a more accurate completion when you start your order based on my schedule at the time
What do you need to start drawing?
I'll need a good quality photo of each person (or pet) you'd like drawn, as well as any additional details you'd like included in the drawing.  Please make sure the photos are well lit, not blurry, and a high enough resolution that I can see their features well.
Do you offer discounts for large orders?
I can offer discounts for orders of 10 or more faces.  If you're an organization looking to get a large quantity of members drawn, please contact me for more information and special offers.
Can you draw other things besides Caricature?
Yes!  I've illustrated for books, games, & custom comics. I also do some animation and graphic design work.  Please contact me with the details of your project, and if it sounds like a good fit with my art style, we