About Cartoon Katie
Illustrator Cartoon Katie
Hi, I'm Katie!

I'm an illustrator in Vancouver, BC, and I specialize in drawing caricatures. You can find me sketching live for weddings, parties, and corporate events all over the Pacific North West. I also take studio commissions for illustrations and graphic design work.
I started drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil, and dreamed of becoming an animator when I grew up. After receiving my B.F.A. in Film and Animation I started my career creating visual effects for movies in Los Angeles before continuing on in Vancouver.  My passion for illustration led me to switch careers and now I draw awesome things for awesome people full time!

My illustration style is unique; I like to combine cool technology in my art to create a modern twist on traditional techniques. I'm especially fond of saturation and love to make the colors in my work really pop.
Contact me today about ordering your custom art, or booking me to perform at your next event!